The black hole, today April 10th, 2019 NASA for the first time finally revealed the image of Black Hole after seeing it, I came to realize how enormous it is, 3.3 million times bigger than the earth and taken from many many light years away. The black hole we talked about 2 decades ago and the black hole now we saw it might have so many different, let me put that simple, 20 years ago when people not even sure there’s something exists such, and we finally be able to see it photograph of it. It might look blurry and has not clear image, but the fact is now we have the clear shape of it, we now know how it looks, now we have solid proof of its existence and we can say it exist, mean while we also need to figure out why does it even exist and what is the mystery behind the black hole.


We might not be able to know why does such thing exist because we do not have such technology, we do not have a camera that can take clear images of a black hole which is 3.3 million times bigger from the earth, but some day in the near future we be able to do that and the time will come some day we finally can know why such thing exist, There are lot and lot of theories about black hole, but in my opinion the black hole is the brain to any galaxy, which is located right in the middle of any galaxy, it is the source of power and energy, black hole provides energy to galaxy to live and expand. The black hole is the real power source of any galaxy, which provide power, which provides the gravitational force to let galaxy live, but once again, I am not an expert and not a scientific person not an astronomer nor a cosmologist it is completely based on personal view


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