You might not know exactly 10 years ago Nepal declared king free nation, on 29th May 2008 Nepal declared as republic Nation and may 28th 2018 its one decade. When we declared republic, we were hoping that a new nation will reborn and all the political problem will be solved, a political party will come a point and help nation to grow, help the citizen to grow but none of the any happened. Still political leaders are same, they are only and only thinking of them not for citizens, there are so many problems raised such as fixing, commission-based mob raised, Corruption went to top of anything as if now and nation suffers from significant losses.

What other nation thinks of our nation is Peace and beautiful, yes, it is true, but despite beauty there nothing left. Every year, millions of youth travel to abroad for work, the nation is now fully dependence of remittance government is completely irresponsible and poverty is rising 10 times faster, all the promises made by our politicians were just only promises and no one was willing to do anything at all until a week ago.

I heard a news that our president wants a new care and cost of that car is $1.8 Million USD OMG I was shocked. I don’t know anyone willing to say anything or not, but I cannot tolerate any more, enough is enough there are thousands of homeless earthquake victim are still being homeless all the international fund cam as an aid that is vanishing, our prime minister will lie on national television and takes us jokes only and our constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper written and forgotten.

Non-matter what, I cannot tolerate anymore and I want my kingdom back and he is only the person who can save this nation, he is only the person who can save us I mean citizen like me. Only the king can control or smashed political disaster and save our nation from falling. Many people, like me, are looking for change and all I need to raise my voice towards them and this platform will help me to do that.

— looking for Global Support.

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