Mr. Shiva Kumar Mahat is going through serious medical condition and he need serious medical treatment to fight against Cancer, unfortunately he or his family isn’t so lucky enough to treat and fight against by himself because of poverty. I am creating this campaign to help a bit from my side as well as yours.

Story of Mr. Shiva Kumar Mahat
Mr Shiva Kumar Mahad was diagnose Cancer in 2014 at that time people around his village and some abroad supported him financially, at the early stage he had been able to fight against and living his life peacefully since, after six years he again has faced such challenged again, Mr Mahat got two kids wife and himself. They live in eastern part of Nepal, Chandragadi Jhapa Nepal.

For more details to the Family Directly
Mr Shiva Kumar Mahat’s Facebook
His Wife Niru Subedi Mahat Facebook

I am supporting them because these are my relatives and I am doing a bit from my side, it is to show them how a human can feel about another human, I am supporting them because they also have dreams, loving family and just small disease cannot rip family apart.

if you can’t donate simply share this post so an angel can see it and donate some.


Name – Prabesh Samrat Baral
Profession – TV Journalist and Film maker,

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Thank you.

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