Future of Corona Virus 6 months from now.

Today the world health organization has announced a corona virus (Covid-19) is a world pandemic, and America is cutting down all the travels from Europe except UK, the number of new cases are being reported everyday and as per today 12th March 2020 total number of cases are as follows as per WHO.

118,381 confirmed cases, 4,292 Deaths , Infected Countries 114

Today our main concern is about cutting down all the travel from EU to US, if we see the bright side of the situation, it is a good move, but if we see the dark side America is being a big hotspot for covid-19 corona virus. As well all know virus has already entered the country and a number of cases are growing, Trumo administration announced they will deal with the situation and testing will be done to a large number of people, but if we compare test has taken from South Korea USA is far behind, anti-party and other responsible are throwing stones to the current administration and claiming that Trump administration is not handling the situation properly.

As per Trum’s speech the travel will be shut down from Friday for 30 days and they already have a band all the travels from China long ago. However, people will not lose their job during this shut down compensation will be given to the concern parties. In Europe Italy is the hot spot of corona virus, it is the most effected country in Europe and third most effected country in the word after China and South Korea.

The future of Corona Virus Covid-19 (A tomorrow we possibly have)

Let’s think for a moment and move bit further, as per WHO it is Pandemic and globally being speared, now we will talk about 6 months ahead and try to get some idea fiction based, America has cut down all travel to all countries, death toll are more 90 thousands alone in America more than 5 hundred thousand in the EU and about a million world combined 
All the travel is a band, across the glove as well as countryside, medicine is not being sufficient and people are remains lock-down at home, no one will touch another person to prevent the infection, even family member are scared to talk to a family member, internet is running, electric is running, grocery is being closed having no enough Supplies all the school, college, universities are abandoned, buses in the street glasses are broken, people are scared to go out they will only make their move if supplies are finished or they will have to of some ways. I am going to clear the picture for reference, we can take the example of 2 movies World War Z with Brad Pitt or I am legend with Will Smith. What if we ended up with same situation, what if we want to escape but has no route, what if we have a plane full, empty but has not pilot to fly it, what if we have one hundred million US Dolor in cash But we have no one to carry, what if we have thousand of kilo of gold and we have nowhere to take it to. What those luxuries will do when the only concern we have today is how to keep yourself alive ?

to be continued 

Author: MR PSB

Prabesh Samrat Baral (Nepali: प्रबेश सम्राट बराल; is actor, film producer, writer, and film director in the Nepal film industry, he has done many notable works in Television and Film. Mr. Baral was born on 1st October 1987 in Bhadrapur, Jhapa 04, Jhapa Nepal,

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