Covid-19 A second weave perhaps an enhanced version of Corona Virus is coming!

One more Prediction of Covid 19 or Coronavirus whatever you want to call It, still the same. I am going to call it Covid-19 not novel coronavirus because it is not so novel and it wouldn’t be. Let’s get straight, I am writing this post because of many reasons, one of the big reasons that I am writing is because I am trying to give you an idea about what’s coming.

You can find millions of blog post, articles, and news about covid-19, you can gain so much information about covid-19 you can also choose not to but have you noticed anything weird, anything strange something unusual, something not meant to be, or something inappropriate whatever you want to call it, that strangeness, that not inappropriate it is all happening in 2020, I didn’t mean that it hasn’t happened yet but, it is happening lot and lot after the covid-19 started and more to come yet. What…?

A second wave or should I call it an enhanced version of covid-19, a mature class, a fully grown, or an adult version of covid-19 that will destroy 3/5 times more than what we already had! Yes, people, we are about to hit by an upgraded version of covid-19 that will destroy our world soon, I am not writing fiction, I am not saying I have secret information, I am not going to say I am a doctor I have done research on this but, I am simply trying to say more of saying I am trying to point out something specific that the covid-19 it not only human-made but also it is enhanced not only it was developed but it is designed to destroy countries’ economy, and not just one there are multiple of it, and country in the list will be available below!

Let me give you my prediction’s breakdown below so you will have an idea of what I am writing and how that’s going to be related to the future,
let’s count 356 days from today!

Number one on my list is – Philippines,
Number two on my list is – India
Three – Indonesia
Four – Egypt
Fifth – New Zeeland
And there are countries that will have the greatest number of effects are – Australia, Brunei, Vietnam, Peru, North Korea, Belarus, Ghana, South Africa, Nepal, etc.
These countries will have the most amount of effect and suffer from huge economic loss.

I have already given the number of total deaths, numbers of total cases and now I am giving the country list that will take effect, I am not referencing that the countries that are suffering now will stop suffering but they will slow down a bit.

To be continued

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Covid-19 A perfect humanly designed and weaponize biochemical war worked perfectly! but it is over?

Author: MR PSB

Prabesh Samrat Baral (Nepali: प्रबेश सम्राट बराल; is actor, film producer, writer, and film director in the Nepal film industry, he has done many notable works in Television and Film. Mr. Baral was born on 1st October 1987 in Bhadrapur, Jhapa 04, Jhapa Nepal,

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