Covid-19 A perfect humanly designed and weaponize biochemical war worked perfectly! but it is over?

• Prediction was made 1 year ago; it is so damn close ….?
• Future of coronavirus (A tomorrow we possibly have 6 months from now)

• I wrote a short fiction on my blog to predict a possible future of coronavirus 1 year ago, a prediction made based on my experience.
• After 2 year it so close,
• I said over 1 million people will die, all the travel across the globe will be cut off and you all know what happened after that.
• On the 12th of March 2020 I made a prediction when we only had:
• 118,381 confirmed cases,
• 4,292 Deaths,
• Infected Countries 114 worldwide. (

• Now if we see recent data, we have
• Coronavirus Cases: 125,429,834
• Deaths: 2,756,742
• Recovered: 101,293,629

• I predicted: over one million will die within the coming six months, and on 12th Sept 2020 death toll was 93,6812!
• I said only in the United States of America there will be 90 thousand plus people will die but I was a little wrong about it and the exact death count was – 197,751 more than double.

I don’t know what is going on … but what I know until today is that, this is a perfect, humanly designed biochemical war and the war head’s name is Covid-19! I don’t know how much you can understand but I am not an idiot and I have not done predictions based on my own without any theory!

One more time I am going to predict few things.
1. One more time whole world will have a lockdown, I mean there will be lockdown again like previously and the only difference between last time and in the future is, it will be four time-intense, it will be four-time harder, people will die four times more quickly and but also four to five times the in number, yes you can tell me stupid but let’s think for a moment… Why there is no one or anyone able to develop a vaccine, why is there no one who could be able to find the cure is, why is there no one who speaks, and finally why Mr. Donald Trump lose? Why vaccine is faulty, why it has a new variant, and why every country remains silent? Meanwhile why China, North Korea and Russia are calm?

Today we have
• Coronavirus Cases: 125,429,834
• Deaths: 2,756,742
• Recovered: 101,293,629

Next 12 months – 26th March 2022
Deaths: 2,756,742 x 4 = 11,026,968 or more !

Daily Death rate will rise above 37,000 as well as daily new cases will be just over 1.3 Millions a day. 

To be continued.

1. First Image  show you what is the exact death we had on 12th Sept 2020 – after six months of my prediction.

2. Second Image show you what was the daily death ratio of that time ! 

3. Third Image show us All time highest daily new cases 8th Jan 2021 

4. Fourth Image show us Death ratio of fix months from the day of my prediction. 

5. Fifth Image demonstrate us as 26th March 2021 

Do some research. 

Read Original Article – Future of Corona Virus 6 months from now 12th March 2020

Author: MR PSB

Prabesh Samrat Baral (Nepali: प्रबेश सम्राट बराल; is actor, film producer, writer, and film director in the Nepal film industry, he has done many notable works in Television and Film. Mr. Baral was born on 1st October 1987 in Bhadrapur, Jhapa 04, Jhapa Nepal,

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