Coronavirus deaths toll tops 3,000

Kathmandu. The use of masks to prevent contamination of the Korena virus has started to decline in the market. With India’s export of mask, the shortage has increased. As the virus continues to grow, the demand for mask has to be used as a precaution. Doctors have suggested that surgical masks or medical masks prevent germs. But some do not know exactly how to wear, what masks work, what kind of masks to wear.

How does a mask work?

Many masks are now available in the market. Among them, surgical masks are widely used by the general public. Cloth masks do not work properly. So the use of surgical masks has increased. On the other hand, the World Health Organization-approved N-nantifib mask is known to be anti-ninety-five, as it will prevent up to 90 percent germs. The texture and function of this mask are also different.

Medical mask

If a person is infected and has an asthma or respiratory disease, this mask works to prevent the small particles from coughing, sneezing, and speaking. The most important function of a medical mask is to prevent the transmission of infection from one sick person to another.

Medical masks like ‘ninety-five’ are not effective, but when applied properly, they prevent 3 to 5 percent of germs from moving. It should not be used when wearing a large mask. It can spread germs from both sides. So you should use a mask that suits you. If a sick person has to go to see him, the visitor must wear a mask. When you go to see another patient, the mask needs to be changed. If a medical mask is worn by a patient, the disease is less likely to transmit to others.


The medical mask has three layers. All layers work differently. Replaces the water and spit sticks on the outermost layer. The interstitial layer is called a filter, it has the ability to filter small bacteria and viruses. The inside layer is called a hydrophilic layer. Exhaust drops or stops the particles. It does not prevent pollution. Should wear. But in the normal case, it is common for a medical mask to be worn. But if the infected person is in direct contact with the person, he should wear a non-negative mask completely.

No matter how much noise is spread in the market, the colored part of the mask should be worn out. It is also recognized by the World Health Organization. One part of the mask has a stiff bandage that needs to be firmly fixed to the nose. The plain part should always be inserted. Another important thing is to wear a mask Nda hygiene ‘is to know its management .No patient touches, enabling someone hand wash hands with soap and water after returning from or out of the yard when lagaune

There is a disposable mask called ‘Use and Throw’ so it should be fired after use. It should not be washed, dried and reversed. Some of the non-native masks are tune-up. Generally, the medical mask can be worn for four to four hours. .But n ninety-five masks can be worn for long periods of time Since a long time to sit on the fence .It has asthma and breathing mask if the patient can not keep wearing the mask and an naintiphaibha maskabicaka difference .Medical

Quality varies by itself. No Nintendo Five mask works by name. It is said to be ninety-five because it contains 90 percent germs. One hundred percent of the working mask is not produced. If used correctly, a simple mask can prevent up to 8 percent infection. The market value is also different. An ordinary medical mask can be bought for Rs 5, while a non-native mask costs from Rs 1 to Rs 1,000. It is also priced according to quality.

Author: MR PSB

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