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Moonlight Update 9 – FEB – 2021

आजको दिनसम्म मलाई अनेक आरोप लगाउदै आयेकी मूनलाइट मेनपावरकि संचालिका पार्वती खड्काले अफिसबाट मैके पासपोर्ट चोरी गरेको र सोविवरण मैले फवेबूक लाइव मर्फत जानकारी दियेको आरोप लगायेको र सो लाईभ भिडियो धेरैजना ले हेर्न चहानु रख्नुभएकालेे यो भिडियो पुनः सार्बजनिक गर्दै छु!

Ayodhya is Located in Nepal

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Monday (yesterday) raised the issue of Ayodhya and Shri Ram on the occasion of Adikavi Bhanubhakta Jayanti. He spoke with the claim of Ayodhya in Birgunj West Thori along with the context of Ramayana. Which was discussed not only in Nepal, but all over India. For Ramayana scholars and researchers on the history of […]

April 29 – 2020 Asteroid 1998-OR2

Topic – April 29 – 2020 Asteroid 1998-OR2People are just being irresponsible specially YouTube Content creator and nonsense writer or blog or news portal site. People don’t care about what they do and date is being closer is it scarier and creepier. Specially in this lock down period. Almost 95% people are home and YouTuber nowadays focused no revenue generation […]

Future of Corona Virus 6 months from now.

Today the world health organization has announced a corona virus (Covid-19) is a world pandemic, and America is cutting down all the travels from Europe except UK, the number of new cases are being reported everyday and as per today 12th March 2020 total number of cases are as follows as per WHO. 118,381 confirmed cases, 4,292 Deaths , Infected […]

कोरोनाभाइरसमा Q&A (COVID-19)

कोरोनाभाइरस केसहरू: 106,200 मृत्यु: 3,600 पुन: प्राप्ति: 60,190 कोरोनाभाइरस भनेको के हो?कोरोनाभाइरस भाइरसहरूको एक ठूलो परिवार हो जुन पशुहरू वा मानवहरूमा बिरामी हुन सक्छ। मानवमा, धेरै कोरोनाभाइरोसलाई सामान्य चिसोदेखि लिएर मध्यपूर्व रेस्पीरेटरी सिन्ड्रोम (एमईआरएस) र गम्भीर तीव्र श्वासप्रश्वास सिंड्रोम (सार्स) जस्ता बढी गम्भीर रोगहरू सम्म श्वासप्रणाली संक्रमणको लागि प्रख्यात छ। सब भन्दा भर्खरै पत्ता लागेका कोरोनाभाइरस कोरोनाभाइरस रोग COVID-19 कारण […]

Things you can do to prevent COVID-19

Corona Virus COVID-19 Outbreak There are huge number of reports around the globe day by day it is being reported, in mainland chain highest number is being count there are other countries like Iran, South Korea and US mainland as well. As per today 6th March 6, 2020 9:30 AM (GMT+5:45) number of confirmed cases around the globe is 98,422 […]

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation : Coronavirus Updates

91,783 confirmed cases 3,123 deaths 74 countries with cases Cases by date of report Countries with confirmed cases China :80303 cases Republic of Korea :4812 cases Iran (Islamic Republic of) :2336 cases Italy :2036 cases International conveyance (Diamond Princess) :706 cases Japan :268 cases France :191 cases Germany :188 cases Spain :151 cases Singapore :110 cases United States of America […]

Coronavirus deaths toll tops 3,000

Kathmandu. The use of masks to prevent contamination of the Korena virus has started to decline in the market. With India’s export of mask, the shortage has increased. As the virus continues to grow, the demand for mask has to be used as a precaution. Doctors have suggested that surgical masks or medical masks prevent germs. But some do not […]