April 29 – 2020 Asteroid 1998-OR2

Topic – April 29 – 2020 Asteroid 1998-OR2
People are just being irresponsible specially YouTube Content creator and nonsense writer or blog or news portal site. People don’t care about what they do and date is being closer is it scarier and creepier. Specially in this lock down period. Almost 95% people are home and YouTuber nowadays focused no revenue generation no matter what is the content.

On the April 29 2020 Asteroid 1998-OR2 will get close to earth and the closest distance from earth to Asteroid is ‭6,200,000 kilometres, which is 16.12 times the distance of Earth from Moon and the distance between Earth to Moon is 384,40 kilometres.
So now can anyone tell me that how On the April 29 2020 Asteroid 1998-OR2 will hit the earth and disaster happens and wipe out the whole world? Can anyone please explain to me why people believe those nonsense?

Dear friends, please note that nothing will happen to earth and we will be safe, it will pass by “6.2 million kilometres,” scientists with NASA’s Asteroid Watch program, said in a Twitter update as they debunked a Daily Express report warning of the flyby.
This is a truth that will get close to Earth and it is disturbing, but it’s not that disturbing we need to be panic about.
The asteroid is currently too faint to see with most backyard telescopes, but it has been visible in larger telescopes for a while. The Virtual Telescope Project, a remote observatory founded by astrophysicist Gianluca Masi of the Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Italy, , has been keeping an eye on the asteroid for about a month, periodically releasing new images of the space rock as it races through the cosmos at more than 19,000 mph (31,000 km/h).
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