Prabesh Samrat Baral (Nepali: प्रबेश सम्राट बराल; is actor, film producer, writer, and film director in the Nepal film industry, he has done many notable works in Television and Film. Mr. Baral was born on 1st October 1987 in Bhadrapur, Jhapa 04, Jhapa Nepal, Early Life Prabesh Samrat Baral was working as an IT officer in an IT company in Doha Qatar before he enters to Nepal film industry he was a system engineer and worked in a company in Doha for 2 years, Mr. Baral moved to Kathmandu in early 2010 and he started a TV Program in ABC Television as a TV program producer and his journey started from there. Film Career Prabesh Samrat Baral interned in the Nepal film industry in late 2010 by setting an astrological TV program on one of famous Nepal’s national Television ABC Television, that was the beginning of his career in mass media, early 2014 he also worked on a few music videos as director and editor there were few TV based projector mutually done and the first time he did a movie in 2015 as assistant director.
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